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Spine Problems

What is the spine?

The spine is made up of many individual bones called vertebrae joined together by muscles and ligaments. Flat, soft discs separate and cushion the vertebrae from rubbing against each other. Because the vertebrae are separate, the spine is flexible and can bend. Together the vertebrae, discs, muscles, and ligaments make up the vertebral column or spine. Some degree of front-to-back spinal curvature is healthy and supports everyday movement.

What are spine problems?

Spinal deformity occurs when the curves of the spine differ from the normal, gentle S-shape seen from the side, or the straight line down the back of a normal spine. Spinal deformities may lead to symptoms that include pain, weakness, numbness, tingling, loss of function, and pulmonary and cardiac problems.

A few types of spinal deformities that can be successfully treated with spinal surgery are scoliosis, kyphosis, and spondylolisthesis.

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