Conservative Treatment With Plaster Cast

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Conservative Treatment With Plaster Cast

What Is Cast Application?

A cast is used to hold a fractured bone in place while it heals. It is a noninvasive option for immobilizing a broken bone.

When to Use a Cast

A cast is used when the two ends of a fractured bone can be realigned (reduced) without surgery, which is called a closed reduction. In some cases–if the bone is badly misaligned, sticking through the skin or broken into three or more pieces–surgery is necessary to realign the bone. This is called an open reduction.

How Cast Application Is Done

Whether fiberglass or plaster, cast application is performed the same way. First, a loosely knitted piece of fabric called a stockinette is placed over the fracture area. Next, a layer of padding is added. Both of these layers act as a buffer between the skin and the cast to reduce irritation.

Both plaster and fiberglass come in rolls. Strips are cut from these rolls, moistened, applied over the fracture site and left to dry. Plaster and fiberglass harden into a tight, stiff encasement that prevents the fractured area from moving and allows the broken ends of the bone to heal together.


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