Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

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Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

A complete rotator cuff tear will not heal. Complete ruptures usually require surgery if your goal is to return your shoulder to optimal function.

A rotator cuff repair involves stitching the torn tendon back onto its attachment to the arm bone (Humerus). This may be performed either through keyhole surgery (Arthroscopy) or open surgery, using sutures and bone anchors.

The advantages of repairing a rotator cuff tear arthroscopically (keyhole surgery) are:

Surgical Procedure

Step 1: The tear is viewed via the scope and portals (small holes in the skin) are created for instrument insertion

Step 2: A suture is passed across the long limb of the tear from side to side, using a special instrument, called a suture passer.

Step 3: The suture is tied and the two ends of the tendon brought together. This process is then repeated until the long limb of the tear is repaired.

Step 4: The bone is prepared for the insertion of the suture anchors

Step 5: The suture anchor is inserted with a long insertor. The insertor is removed, exposing the sutures which are attached to the anchor.

Step 6: Arthroscopic and cross-sectional views of the suture anchor in the bone, with the sutures arising from it.

Step 7: Suture from anchor pulled through the tendon with a special suture retrieving forceps. The anchor sutures are the passed across the rotator cuff tendon.


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