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Deformity Correction

Spinal deformity correction is an important procedure that can straighten and heal a deformed spine. Spinal deformities are caused by myriad conditions, including fractures, scoliosis, kyphosis and others. Through a specialized surgical procedure, Dr. Chetan Patel of the Spine Health Institute is able to provide deformity correction and offer patients relief from pain, greater stability and mobility, and a new outlook on life.

The Causes of Spinal Deformity

As mentioned, spinal deformity can be caused by many different conditions. These include kyphosis, scoliosis and fracturing of the vertebra.

Spinal Deformity Treatment

Surgical treatment of thoracic spine deformity requires gaining access to the damaged/deformed area via an anterior incision (or less common, a posterior incision). By performing a costotransversectomy, the surgeon gains access to the damaged vertebra and can remove material, graft bone or apply bone graft substitute, as well as install instrumentation to provide support for the spine during and after the healing process. Surgery times will vary considerably depending on the cause and severity of the deformity.


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